Sedimentary stones, sandstones and limestones

Harris Quarries stone portfolio consists of sedimentary stones, sandstones and limestones, which are among the most widely used and versatile of all building stones. We import block from quarries all over Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, as well as quarrying our own Rotherham Red sandstone.

No matter the project, or your vision, we are positive that Harris Quarries can not only provide you with quality stone, but at realistic prices.

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Stone services

Description - Crossland Moor

Crossland Moor is a fine to medium buff-coloured millstone grit series sandstone which can trace its origins all the way back to the Carboniferous age. Overall, Crossland Moor is suitable for most aspects of construction including load-bearing masonry and cladding. More versatile applications include detailed fireplaces as well as restoration and renovation stone work...

Crossland Moor

Description - Bank top grit

Bank top grit is a mixed brown/ginger- coloured medium coarse grit stone from the Carboniferous age. It is suitable for most aspects of construction work and is particularly used for walling, heads and cills. With its rich and vibrant colours a large area of this stone looks particularly impressive and conveys the warm look of natural stone...

Bank top grit

Description - Rotherham Red (Lilac Blue)

Rotherham Red (Lilac Blue) is a soft fine grain lilac-coloured sandstone from the Carboniferous age. Perfect for most aspects of construction. Easily worked Rotherham Red is a sculptor's dream and finished stones have beautiful iron intrusions adding extra dimensions to the product. Other applications include detailed fireplaces as well as restoration and renovation stone work...

Rotherham Red (lilac blue)

Description - Linconshire sedimentary limestone

Linconshire sedimentary limestone is cream / white in colour, encrusted with shells and small fossils. Sawn and rumbled, it has the appearance of an aged hand-worked walling stone. This sawn ashlar product can be used for flooring, and when honed takes on a beautiful appearance, showing all the shells and fossils that were laid down millions of years ago...

Linconshire sedemetary limestone

Description - Reclaimed pitch faced delph stone

This walling ranges in size from 3 inches up to 6 inches and comes in random lengths. Ashlar finishes vary according to the piece of stone and whether is was the face or the back of the stone it was cut from...

Reclaimed pitch  faced delph stone