Corner Quoins

Quoin ends come in many shapes and sizes and not only enhance the appearance of a building but also speed up the construction process, especially when the project is being built out of natural stone. Instead of the mason having to hand-dress a corner of a piece of stone, a quoin is simply laid and then built up to the side of the edifice, with only a simple cut to the length being required rather than the squaring up and ending needed to form a proper corner return. Stone quoins are a particularly attractive feature with rendered buildings, making corners less prone to damage and the process of rendering much faster.

Hand-dressed quoins

L-shaped limestone quoins
215mm coarsed

Pitch-faced drafted quoin ends

Pitch-faced drafted quoin ends

L-shaped limestone quoins 215mm coarsed

Large champhered quoins made to match existing old ones

290 x290 x 100mm sandstone quoins (the cheapest and easiest of all quoins to use)

Splayed quoins making angled corners easy to construct

L-shaped sandstone quoins 215mm coarsed

Sandstone quoins