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Stone gateposts have stood the test of time and many will last over a hundred years until they need replacing either through natural erosion or manmade damage. It is quite often the case that one of a pair of gateposts weather such faster than the other due to being closer to a wall or building and being in a wind trap. Harris Quarries have many years experience in matching and fitting gateposts and in many instances once fitted it is hard to tell the old from the new. When measuring up for a stone gatepost it is usual to add anything from 300mm to 600mm to go below ground giving good stability especially if hanging a heavy gate on it. It is possible to repair a broken gatepost using epoxy reins and stainless steel dowels but the post will never look as good and the joint is almost impossible to disguise. Harris Quarries offer a full fitting service or delivery to the hole, for a small fee your new gatepost will be dropped into place by our state of the art insertion method. Call for more details.

Cant find the stone you want? Harris Quarries offer a stone matching and fitting service, contact us for more details.

Rotherham red section gate post,
middle and bottom parts replaced due
to heavy erosion
Limestone gatepost hand
dressed with drafted quoin corners
and carved pillar cap
Chunky yorkstone
sectional gatepost
Champhered sectional
gritstone gatepost with
flat sawn pillar
Rotherham red hand dressed
walling stone gatepost with
curved punch face textured pillar cap
One piece solid finish
yorkstone gatepost
Pitched faced random stone
gatepost with heavy flat
champhered pillar cap

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