Harris Quarries have been creating sumptuous fireplaces for over thirty years, each individual and unique. We do not mass produce - we don’t even have names for our fireplaces. Every fireplace we create is made to measure and brings together our experience and your design ideas. We offer a full survey and installation service to ensure that our beautiful fireplaces form the perfect centrepiece for any residence, from period cottage to modern home.

Harris Quarries are dedicated to standards of quality second to none. That’s why all our fireplaces are created entirely out of natural stone and not cast using moulds and cement. All are manufactured at our quarry by stonemasons using an array of tools, from traditional craftsman’s mallet and chisels through to modern electric power tools. With several different natural stones to choose from, all we need from you is a photograph or even a rough sketch of what you have in mind and we can make your dream a reality.

If you are looking for the perfect fireplace, built to your own specifications, at a price that won’t break the bank, then look no further. All Harris Quarries fireplaces are hand-made bespoke works of art. We will come out to you, bringing with us some samples and photographs. Once we have an idea of what it is you want to achieve, we will design, build and install the fireplace of your dreams. With a choice of five different stones, ranging from honey buff-coloured Yorkstone to our coarse Banktop gritstone, and with an unlimited number of textured finishes, you are sure to achieve the perfect fireplace for your home.

From concept to completion - a fireplace story

The initial survey for this job took a little over an hour with the customer already having pictures of what he had in mind.

One of the most important jobs is to make sure the fireplace fits on the chimney breast and does not look either too large or too small. There is a fine line between both and the best way to make sure it is done correctly the first time is to physically draw it on the wall.

When fitting a large stone fireplace...

...we usually allow one full day, starting at nine o’clock we can generally guarantee to be finished by five o’clock. The initial preparation can take a couple of hours as the amount of rubbish found behind old fireplaces is amazing and can sometimes result in over twenty bags of rubble having to be removed before we can start to install.

Once all the dust has cleared and we have vacuumed the room, the hearth is laid level on a bed of mortar and left for 30 minutes so we have a good foundation on which to fit the fireplace.

Once the hearth has cured enough...

...the legs are fitted, using either tile or plasterboard adhesive. Once they are bonded to the wall steel brackets are fitted to the top of each leg and then fixed to the wall.

With the legs secured the back panel and side cheeks are installed so they just tuck in nicely behind the uprights, showing no joint. The head is then lifted into place and again secured to the wall using both adhesive and steel brackets, usually three or four depending on the construction of the wall.

All that is left to do is fit the mantle and point up, a job that can take up to two hours. Depending on the type of stone we are fitting the pointing mix can either be soft grey sand and Portland cement or silver sand with white Portland cement.

The fireplace now requires some serious sponging down...

...with plenty of warm water to remove any cement residues that may be on it from the pointing. This usually needs doing about four or five times on the first day and thereafter as required depending on your own cleaning regime.

Once the fireplace has dried out thoroughly it will mature with the grain and the colours in the stone will show their true beauty for years to come.

Why not get in touch?

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