Corbels come in many shapes and sizes, and with nearly every project being different (there isn’t really a standard corbel), the best time to decide on your size and shape of corbel is when you are putting up your roof trusses. By leaving it until then you can be sure that you will get all the measurements and angles correct. Sadly, as so often happened in the past, corbels have been made beforehand only to have to be scrapped or altered because the reality of the situation turned out to be slightly different from the original plans.

Harris Quarries can manufacture corbels in a matter of days once the on-site survey has determined the correct sizes required. Generally speaking, a corbel is split into thirds, the overhang from the building usually being one third of the stone and the bearing forming the other two thirds. This ensures that the corbel sits on the stonework without tipping forward. It also ties in nicely to the stonework that surrounds it.

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